Believable Brows

On Browhouse is the home of believable brows.

OFF Wax & Laser & ON Browhouse



It all started back in 2008, when our founder Nicky, armed with her blackberry, snazzy powerpoint and clip art skills, had a hairy situation. She went for a wax and it didn’t go so well. She lamented why a waxing experience couldn’t be enjoyable and premium and why the heck her brows were now five feet apart.

So OFF was born, the first of its kind in New Zealand - a specialist wax destination with a twist.  OFF became the leader in hair removal and brow design all while bucking the trend for Fru Fru, Enya, and water fountains.

It is damn hard to be all things to all people and it also means you end up being a bit average, so we stick to our knitting.  Not to blow our own trumpet, but so popular did we get in simply waxing and brows that we decided to further push the boundaries, expertise and solutions in both taking it off and putting it on. 

Armed with specialist brow artists and microbladers ON, the equally talented, but probably hotter younger sister is the complete home of believable brows and luscious lashes. That leaves OFF to well... take it OFF, but now also permanently through state of the art laser hair removal partnered with our waxing specialist expertise (we can hear your follicles packing up camp from here).  And never fear, you can still get your braz and brows all under one roof…. OFF & ON