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NOW TO LOVE: What it's like to get laser hair removal

Whats it like to get laser hair removal
Candela GentleMax Pro

After years of battling with razors and ingrown hairs, Now to Love came to test out the best laser hair removal in New Zealand.

Their verdict: "As ridiculous as it sounds, laser has actually changed my life. The ingrowns that used to make me miserable and literally unwell have all cleared up, and my scars have faded so much.
Plus, my once-thick hairs have diminished down to silky little whisperies that you can hardly see." MORE


M2: This Is What It’s Like Getting Laser Hair Removal For The First Time

Laser Hair removal for first time

"As a fairly typical man I’ve never put much thought into hair that doesn’t reside on my head or face. I shave, get regular haircuts, and that’s about it. Women on the other hand, tend to have a fascination with removing as much hair as possible below the tops of their heads. As society becomes more and more balanced in terms of the differences in beauty standards across the genders, it’s more and more common to see men concerned with grooming." MORE


STUFF TRIES: Browography at ON Browhouse

Browography (also known as brow embroidery, microblading, feathering.)

Stuff visits ON Browhouse, (Quay St) to experience our signature featherstroke semi-permanent brow tattoo treatment - Browography.

Their verdict: "Looking into the mirror after the first session, I expected to see a different face that would take a while to get used to. Instead, I looked like me, but after the best brow shape and tint of my life. I have the nicest brows I could hope for every day, without having to mess about with makeup." MORE


M2: The Man Brow Is The Next Step In Being Super Attractive

How to get the best man brow

"For a good period of time, women have been fretting and obsessing over their eyebrows, constantly plucking, shading and altering to find that perfect look. But what about us guys? There are many men out there who want to look good and are prepared to put effort in, but don’t want to have a perfectly preened brow. What do we do?" MORE


NZ Girl: Most popular beauty treatments of 2016!

New Zealand Most Poular Wax


The Off & On legacy, started by #girlboss Nicky Shore in Auckland, has made its mark in Wellington, where it has risen to sit among the best. It’s now known as the place to go for all sorts of hair removal, from it’s “browography” brow shaping, through to the simple-but-important Brazilian maintenance. It’s less a spa, and more hanging out in an awesome luxe house with your besties. From beginning to end, the gals offer 5 star service with a smile.



Beauty EQ - The Beauty Authority In New Zealand

OFF & ON opens in Wellington

One of our favourite beauty destinations has opened it's doors in Wellington. Finally, a well crafted believable brow and brilliant brazilian can be found in the capital. Trudi Brewer sheds some light on what you can expect. MORE