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TVNZ: Breakfast on One - Brow Trends for 2019

Breakfast invited us on the show this week to talk about what this year’s trends for your brows will be……

Turns out Kiwis are obsessed with their eyebrows, according to a study on our "hairy habits".

OFF & ON's Nicky Shore gave Jack's brows a once-over, and decided he's following 2019's brow trend of "au naturel" just nicely.


Beauty Heaven: What are Henna Brows? Before and Afters


You know when you buy a new car and then all you seem to see for the next month is that exact type of car, everywhere you go? That’s how I felt about henna brows after first hearing that they were a thing a few weeks ago. All of a sudden, they were everywhere! But I still didn’t know too much about exactly what henna brows even were. So I went and got some henna brows of my own, and now I’m here to tell the tale…MORE


VIVA: Back To Work Beauty Tips

Henna Brow

Save time and product in the mornings by scheduling in pre-work beauty prep before returning to the office. For brows, a simple shape and tint will help you appear more together. If it’s longevity you’re after, consider henna — the dye permeates deeper into skin, offering a strong colour payoff that lasts up to twice as long as a standard brow tint (additional $17 to any brow service from A lash tint may suffice for those who subscribe to a low-maintenance look, otherwise add a lash lift to your treatment for extra oomph. Go easy on eyeshadow — soft taupe will help you appear more awake. MORE


VIVA: Personal Grooming Survey Reveals New Zealander's Hairy Habits

OFF & ON opened New Zealand's first dedicated wax and brow bar 10 years ago. So, to mark a decade in the business, OFF & ON conducted the first ‘Hairy Habits’ survey of over 500 New Zealanders to see just how much has changed.

When we first opened, people would come in and whisper their request for a Brazilian wax,” she said. “Others would be confused that we did brows out in the open in our ‘brow bar’ similar to a hair salon.MORE


Hairy Habits: Trends in personal grooming.

Hairy habits have changed in the last 10 years, for example men in 2018 are fully embracing body hair management. Nicky Shore from OFF & ON joins Carly to talk about how stigmas around body hair have changed and some of the options that are out there.


Win a years' worth of free waxing!

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Plus, to celebrate 10 years of hair raising adventures, the OFF & ON bus will be stopping by your town to celebrate on its national tour.

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NZ Makeup Experts On Meghan Markle's Wedding Look

Nicky Shore, owner and founder of Off & On, a nationwide brow and hair removal specialist, explains that brows need to be looked after too. 
She says brides need a gel to keep the brow shape firmly in place, and swears by Blinc Brow Mousse.  
When it comes to style, it's all about keeping it classic, she adds. You want your brows to be dark enough to add context to your face, as washed out brows make you look older. However, she warns, you don't want them to overwhelm your look. Anything too bold, dark, or big is a big no-no.


Sans Pareil - Things We're Lovin'

Henna Brows

"Off & On is a hair removal and brow bar with locations all over New Zealand. you’ve probably heard us talk about them before, because they are so damn, amazing!"
"I am obsessed with their Henna Spa Treatment. Because, well look.....I don’t even wear makeup when I have my brows looking this good"


Cityscape - Christchurch OFF & ON "Taking Off"

Cityscape catches up with Off & On’s founder and owner Nicky Shore, who revolutionised the beauty industry with her national chain of premium hair removal and brow design destinations, and has now brought the ‘Brow Wow’ and ‘Brozilian’ to Christchurch. MORE


Using colour to strengthen the brow.

Strong brows using henna colour

Brows provide context to a face and they are kind of like the road maps of how we see the face, and therefore decide if somebody looks beautiful, or older, or harsh. The more we can strengthen that frame, the better.  When you don't have any strength or colour, brows that kind of wash into the skin; you've lost the ability to create context. MORE


Brow Wow – Review of Eyebrow Henna & Shaping at Off & On

Brow wow

"Ten days on I’m really happy, they still look very defined and are a definite improvement over regular tinting. At $65, I probably won’t go every time my brows need shaping but I it will definitely be something I work into my regular beauty routine every few months! It’s a big YES from me! I would highly recommend both henna as an option for brows, and Off and On as a one stop shop for all things brows" MORE


The Urban List: Psst! The Biggest Brow Secret Has Arrived

henna tint brows

We’re talking colour, gloss and vibrancy with no nasty chemicals in sight. OFF & ON’s innovative (and oh-so pampering) henna spa treatment will leave you with tattoo-like colour—without the commitment. And, better yet, the natural colour lasts up to twice as long as traditional brow tints. Um yes, please! MORE


VIVA: Taking a Henna Brow Tint For a Test Drive

Henna Brow Tint Colour

Janetta Mackay gives her verdict on a five-step henna brow treatment.

The verdict: I’d be wary of henna in the wrong hands, as getting the colour right is vital. I was happy with mine. The henna definitely lasted more than twice as long as a standard tint does on me, pushing the “why did I bother” question from around 4-5 days to nearer a fortnight. This would make for a good pre-holiday service. MORE


STUFF TRIES: Browography at ON Browhouse

Browography (also known as brow embroidery, microblading, feathering.)

Stuff visits ON Browhouse, (Quay St) to experience our signature featherstroke semi-permanent brow tattoo treatment - Browography.

Their verdict: "Looking into the mirror after the first session, I expected to see a different face that would take a while to get used to. Instead, I looked like me, but after the best brow shape and tint of my life. I have the nicest brows I could hope for every day, without having to mess about with makeup." MORE


M2: The Man Brow Is The Next Step In Being Super Attractive

How to get the best man brow

"For a good period of time, women have been fretting and obsessing over their eyebrows, constantly plucking, shading and altering to find that perfect look. But what about us guys? There are many men out there who want to look good and are prepared to put effort in, but don’t want to have a perfectly preened brow. What do we do?" MORE


Beauty EQ - The Beauty Authority In New Zealand

OFF & ON opens in Wellington

One of our favourite beauty destinations has opened it's doors in Wellington. Finally, a well crafted believable brow and brilliant brazilian can be found in the capital. Trudi Brewer sheds some light on what you can expect. MORE