Brow Shaping, Lash & Brow Colour, Microblading

Brow Shaping and Tinting, Lash Tint and Lift, Featherstroke Microblading

Solutions to get best brows



Never just a tidy.


At ON we see every brow and your needs differently. There is no cookie cutter approach to how we create your best brow. That is why we have explored and mastered a raft of techniques to address your brow frustrations, your level of commitment and the best way to give you your best brow.

We like to explore, understand and plan the right brow solution for you.   We work with your natural brow to find the best shape for you now, and in the future. 

The aim is to achieve your most beautiful, believable brow.


The unsung hero.

Colour is just as important as shape.  Nothing builds strength and definition in a brow sometimes as well as a tonal colour for your brows and lashes. 

We customise a colour mix to work tonally and in harmony.  We also work with you to find the best colour products and applications to enable you to recreate every day. 


Luscious and long.

At ON we see that the lashes and brows work together to create the perfect frame for your eyes and face.  We now offer a full range of lash solutions and services to have you in a flutter.  From custom colours to Lash lifts and everything in between there is a solution for you to bat yours at.  We believe your lashes should be the stars of the show but without looking like they are fake. 
We are one of the leading homes of the lash lift.  The new era in luscious long lashes is the lash lift. The revolutionary silicon pad technique used in a lash lift means the lashes are straightened out and then lifted, without compromising on length. 


Semi Permanent Brow Tattoo.



Browography is the signature microblading / featherstroke service of ON Browhouse (available at our QUAY ST and WELLINGTON* branches ONLY ).   This is the less invasive permanent brow feather tattoo.  Completed  by brow artists, not micro pigmentation experts.

We create, recreate and perfect your brow by etching fine, detailed and life like hair strokes that blend seamlessly with your existing brow hair (if any). The line between what is real and not is blurred, and all you and anyone else sees is a complete and believable brow.

This is eyebrow tattooing but not as you know it...unlike the cliché tattooed brow of old, browography (eyebrow feathering) banishes the harsh and blocked lines that spring to mind. By not going as deep into the skin’s dermal layer, and using a fine calligraphy like pen (hence the name browography) with fine needles, versus a tattoo machine, precision and control come together with artistic skill to deliver a soft natural result.  

See our Instagram gallery (some of which is below) for some examples of our brow transformations, and we have many more that can be illustrated at your consultation.

* Regular microblading clinics will be held at our Wellington Branch, please call or email for dates.


Semi Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo.


Another signature microblading / featherstroke service of ON Browhouse, available at our QUAY ST and WELLINGTON* branches ONLY . Do the words ‘Permanent Makeup’ bring to mind images of harsh black eyeliners and unnatural looking colours?

This is no longer the case when you look into having permanent eyeliner done at ON Brow house – as with eyebrows, our philosophy is natural is better – not fake, not forced, more natural, it’s you but just enhanced.

We specialise in a procedure called Lash-line Enhancement – where pigment is carefully inserted in amongst the eyelashes – giving the illusion of a fuller, more luscious lash line. Eyeliner micropigmentation is done in two sessions (8 weeks apart) – giving you the option to go slightly bolder in the second session, if you wish.

The use of specialised topical anaesthetics mean that discomfort is kept to an absolute minimum – most clients find the sensation more irritating than painful. We use a top of the line digital machine that keeps the process comfortable. Pigments used are tried and tested – been around for over 25 years with no recorded reactions worldwide.

(Please note when touching up work done by other technicians, we may need two sessions to get the desired result).

Cosmetic eyeliner tattooing is classed as ‘permanent’, however touch-ups (1 – 2 yearly) will keep the liner looking maintained as all cosmetic pigments and inks fade over time with UV exposure.

Each session takes approximately 1 hour, you may experience some redness and puffiness for 24 hours.

* Regular microblading clinics will be held at our Wellington Branch, please call or email for dates.